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November  2018

This is why we run Mini Medic courses. Simply recognising there is a problem and calling emergency services saved a life.

November 11, 2018

We were honoured to be part of the Remembrance events this weekend. The Great War was a time when first aid really began to develop and the skill of triage to treat emergency casualties. 

December 1st 2018

Sunday saw us out in the field after two Christmas events, supporting 600 approx runners, young to old tackling a muddy cross country course in the lovely Cirencester Park.  Our amazing Sports Specialist, April was put to good use. 

Cotswold First Aid Open Morning 

December 9th 2018 1000-1300hrs

Opportunities for student or qualified nurses, ETA/ECA's, first aiders, responders, trainers & marketing. We have a busy diary already filling up for next year. Whether you want to work for us or use our services now or in the future come and join us for a coffee and cake.